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Lay her in the Earth where the flowers dwell,
dancing stems in the wind
and her eye can watch the birds,
distant arrows pointing towards a sun
amongst diaphanous clouds.
She can hardly breathe with wonder,
wrapped in the loving embrace of roots,
their arms around her waist
and fingers in her hair as yours once were.
An easy smile rests on her face
that even the coming sunset cannot dim,
nor storms could wash away,
for although her form is impermanent
her spirit will always be.
Lay her in the Earth
Hurrah, I have uploaded something at last! My inspiration was from this line if Shakespeare: "Lay her in the earth. / And from her fair and unpolluted flesh / May violets spring". I'm thinking it'd be a cool idea to have two other, roughly related, pieces titled the lines that follow from the first one, or even just incorporating those into further stanzas... let's wait and see.
Vanilla to my aniseed,
wafting over my steaming cup
and kissing my face. To this day
a shadow of your scent remains
not as the ghost of cigarette smoke,
but as a dusting of pollen,
evoking fond memories of summer
and dances in the evening.

We were out of breath, flustered and red
with sweat tearing into our eyes
and our hands slipping like awkward laughter.
Once our fingers entangled we laid amongst the grass,
smiles settling on our faces
almost like an afterthought.
With every passing wind our hands became drier
until our palms were glued together
like we already were in our hearts.
Untitled II
Hey guys, long time no see! I've had this stashed away since May and honestly, the only thing I've changed since then is "aniseed" from "vermillion"   lol I indeed edited some of this while listening to Clarity by Zedd :XD: It really was just to flesh out the second stanza a bit more, though I feel like there's still more to be added.
A ribbon of perfume floats upwards from the bowels of the surrounding flowers, reaching towards the sky. It struggles against their hold, and as it does so it knots my hair and unravels further the loose ends of my jumper. These too strain upwards, wanting to fly like the geese to the north.

I can see these similarities in myself, the compass in my blood pulling me away to somewhere unknown. When I stand still it gets worse, twitching beneath my skin in its demand for action.

But what does it want? Am I supposed to be like a spider who spins her web into the sky and jumps, wits in my throat as I soar and wonder where next I am to be deposited? Or am I supposed to be like a seagull, sitting at the rocky crevices and whistling to the ocean below?

My mind is constantly thinking of new scenarios that might appease my wanderlust, and for a while it does. You see you're right when you say I'm distracted whilst with you, but it's for a good reason: I'm using my imagination to travel rather than to leave you.

Yet it seeped further into my heart like the roots of a flower whose fragrance had already captured my mind. It's said that your imagination can provide you with limitless possibilities, but now I'm only left with one. I hope that when I make that decision that you'll accept half of my heart as proof that I'll return.
Untitled III
Another piece! This one was inspired by Ailee's Evening Sky. Title wise, I can't really think of anything that suits this from how I've edited it... this is what happens when I don't write for a while, I get rusty :XD:


Artist | Literature
Writing is just one of things I do best spontaneously. It's like trying to plan a water fight - you know that it's going to grow out of control. But that's also the beauty of writing: to see what facet of the unknown it will lead you. Will you traverse the challenging terrains of Eastern forms? Will you dredge up those unsavoury emotions? Personally this element of unknown absolutely captivates me. I hope that my journey will inspire you to pave your own way in literature, through thick and thin, and that when you emerge from the other side you'll be amazed at how much you've grown.

How long has it been? Seriously, I miss you guys *hugs*

I still drop into theWrittenRevolution to keep things running nicely, which, btw, you guys do awesomely :heart:

Right, now here's the obligatory sharing of day-to-day details :meow:

    :bulletorange: Societies are amazing. haha oh CSE camp for having the sleaziest award :XD:
    :bulletorange: I actually like 4 unit maths :O
    :bulletorange: This year reminded me that computing was hard... but also that when you conquer those online activities, nothing compares.

But boy, dat workload. I have to remember to treat myself with a massive binge of online dramas *cough* Faith *cough* and put some solid effort into finishing Bioshock. It sits there on the shelf, staring at me, but I'm like "I'm sorry I have to study" *dies*

Now without much ado, here is some flash fiction:
Can you hear me? Wheezing, skin flush and eyes bright, feet hungering for the pitter-pat of running, the relief of adrenaline ringing in my ears. I'm star bright, and I know I'll burn. I'll go from solid to gaseous, never stopping to gather myself because the world is at my fingertips. We'll collide, and our grains will become the same; I'll claim you, claim you as my fingerprint: the one and only.
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